Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If someone really ask me this question, Why do you walk this narrow and dark path?? it suit me cause no one will really understand my pain, all of them are just oh okay i see...i don't even want to trust anymore person.. you take granted from me

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I serious don't think i could really trust in everybody in the entire CG including CGL and CGC people.. totally freaking asshole.. we have our freedom we do not need to tell you where and what the fuck we do OK and we don't need you CGC people to help us to report to CGL nabei..GO freaking mind your own fucking business~ we want to tell we will tell not you fucking CGC people to tell.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Really just want to let you know that, each by each time you always break my heart i was wondering why? i'm really do like you and you are the First and Only Girl that you make me feel truth Love..I beg you if you don't love me, just straight tell me and stop giving me hope that i can woo you and after that you make it a break.. that all i going to say..and that's it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

just got back from home from tough so hard for me nearly fainted on the spot due to my heart..near felt the death in me..was wondering why i have this kind of problem why *God* keep on giving me such problem WHY WHY WHY....If i had a Choice, can you end my life? too much for me...all this time i'm lying to myself to accept you...i can't do much stuff in my life anymore...If you are listening to me or seeing me writing this hope you can talk to me......

Friday, January 22, 2010

Vivo Trip!!!

This picture is me and Jun Hao taking Mrt home.
In this picture,the guys are so not man!
never let our only girl in our group sit....You guys are so bad.

Giving Cui Xin Big diamond haha.... Haha i block Jun Hao head so only can see Cui Xin and me.
Haha quite funny this face when i told Jun Hao,"Let me take rule of thirds"
and he give me this face hahahahaa very funny.^^ Cui Xin was holding something and her face say,you not happy ar?

About today was totally late for meeting up in Vivo as it has been raining since morning to afternoon...As today morning i met up with Class A student Joel,Daryll,Leo and 2 more which i still don't know their names.Haha i hope they won't scold me:(....Today Really having fun taking photo about what the teacher called us to take^^and also we took our group photo.Haha.....Finally i have watch Jackie Chan movie SPY NEXT DOOR WOOT quite nice about the movie and funny....and i also counted this as our first group outing woot.......That's all want to say!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

About my group!!

By starting off my blog^^, i would like to thanks cui xin for helping me creating blog^^.........i also don't know what to start i just start off my group "SYNERGY" Woot^_^ haha.My group have Cui Xin,Jun Hao,Sam,Jovyn,Calvin,Daryl,Alwin and last but not least ME!!!!!haha i am their group leader^^Hope they and i can work together as a team and win other group people!!